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The smell of stew in the restaurant in Povie, which Richard bought, filled the dining room.

“It’s rather good.

I can’t believe the lady knows everything.”

“You’re saying some interesting things.”

No matter how sarcastic Eden was, Richard was still smiling.

“There’s nothing more difficult than making a secret for someone.

Don’t you think so, my lady”


That was how I answered, but I wondered.

Most of the beast people don’t want to be seen by humans.

‘Cause if you do that, you’ll end up being a human prey.’

Even if you belong to the top predator like Eden, you’re usually not very happy.

There is no reason to leave enemies unnecessarily.

You just think I’m a kid, so you don’t think I’m a big deal’

Also, Richard seemed strangely happy.

“Is the food okay”

“Yes, it tastes dwelicious.”

I answered with a mouthful of stew.

“Let me know if you want more.

I bought a lot.”

“Thank you very much.”

Richard, who was stirring the stew in a large bowl with a ladle, suddenly spoke to Eden.

“I guess you slept soundly after a long time.

You look very good today.”

“Stop chatting and do your job.” Eden coughed through the newspaper.

“Will you have a bowl, too”

“I don’t need it.”

“If you keep skipping meals and eating roughly, you’ll get sick.”

“You eat and go take some fresh air.”

Eden waved his hand as if he were more bothered to hear the nagging.

Come to think of it….

The food on the table is only for me.

There was no such thing as Eden’s

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I stuck my nose in the plate and peeked at Eden.

‘He can’t sleep well, he can’t eat well…….

As Richard said, it’s perfect for health.’

Luna felt worried inside, the speed of the chopsticks slows down,

“Are you full”

Eden asked me.

“Yes, I ate well.”

“Let’s just finish what we were talking about.

Who does Morris’ leg mean”

“Ah, muscle head.”

The meatball in her mouth crushed her pronunciation, but he managed to understand it.

“Musche-head (Moo-sik)”

“Yes, someone who tries to solve everything by force.”

“Are you talking about Baron Dafe”

Eden sat in the opposite chair and asked questions in earnest.

“Do you know”

“Because there’s someone who needs to be sorry to you.”

Are you talking about LionHeart’s “The Guard Knight

I immediately remembered someone’s face.

“I’m going to meet Moo-sik later.”

“I heard Baron Dafé is busy these days because of increased security at the Imperial Palace.”

“Do you want to bet”

“Are you going to prove that your precognitive dream is real”

“Yes.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

He laughed low at the confident answer.

“That’s good.”

“Moo-sik is going to try to hurt me at the government office today.”

“I’ll let you live if it really does happen as what you say this time.”

This was an opportunity.

An opportunity to root out doubts from him and make sure he’s on my side.

* * *

A little later, we took a carriage to Main Street.

for a long time to run along the spruce trees in a row,

Before long, a smooth, stone-covered road appeared.

It was finally the center of the Vis.

“We’ve arrived.”

The LionHeart’s family carriage slid to a halt in front of the government office.

“You’re getting a lot of attention than I thought.”’

I could hear pedestrians humming through the carriage window.

“Aren’t you from the LionHeart’s family”

“The rumor about adopting a child must have been true.”

“Why don’t you takw a wife in & adpted instead”

“If you’re really going to settle in Vis, the heir can have his wife formally and then have a baby.”

The party secretly hushed and chatted and didn’t know when to stop.

I’m already sick of hearing it for the first time today.

I wonder how he is.

I felt sorry for him again.


Richard opened the carriage door.

“Then go ahead and come back.

I’ll be waiting in front for you.”

“Uh, I’ll be back, Richard.”

I greeted Richard on the politely and looked back at Eden.

Then he asked curtly.


“Give me a hug pwease”


“If it bothers you, I’ll just jump down.”

He snuggled me up as soon as I got ready to jump.

“Don’t do anything useless.”

His voice was higher than usual.

……that surprised me.

I was just joking around so you can relax your expression.

My heart pounded at an unusually sensitive response.

What happened’

The expression was as stiff as usual, but somehow it felt a little different.

‘…are you angry’

I didn’t have anything to be upset about.

Anyway, I can’t understand the cat’s capricious mind.

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Eden walked into the government office with me in his arms.

Of course the eyes were on us.

“It’s Count LionHeart.”

“Is that kid he’s adopting”

They’re government employees, they’re supposed to be working yet they’re all talking about us.

We waited in line for our turn and became their topic of conversation.

“I thought it was a formal adoption.

I don’t think that seems to be the case”

Among the many voices, why did I hear that voice especially clearly

Somehow I felt restless.

Do we look like father and daughter in the eyes No wonder the air felt crispy.

I buried my head in his chest to avoid public scrutiny.

“This is tiring

Did you say that to me

I glanced up at him when he said to himself.

“There are too many humans.”

“We just need to get the application form, so cheer up a little bit.”

“It smells disgusting.” In the low-pitched voice, hatred toward humans was felt.

‘He was being generous to me a lot.’

I gulped down dry saliva.

“Next person, please come in.”

Just in time, a government official opened the door of the civil service office and announced Eden’s turn.

“Put me down here pwease.”

“Do you mean we’re meeting here after this”

“Yes, I’ll be right back.

I’ll be waiting for you here, so come back to work.”


As soon as I finished talking, I thought he would enter the civil service office without looking back.

For some reason, Eden didn’t budge.

“Who’s next”

Again, a government employee visited him.

I asked him, who was just staring down at me.

“Do you have something to say to me”


“Then why are you looking at me lwike that”

Suddenly he grabbed me by the cheek and swiped his thumb with a casual look.

“you have something there.

Tomato sauce.”

“I dwon’t thwink thwats how ywou wipe it woff.” (I don’t think that’s how you wipe it off)

The pronunciation was crushed out of the pinched cheeks.

Touching my cheek as much as he could, he soon let go.

“I’ll be back, so don’t do anything weird and wait patiently.”

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What’ weird thing would I be doing

To avoid being terrorized by him again, I clasped my squished cheeks.

“Have a safe trip.”

“Is it because I can’t see you that I’m not letting you go quickly”

Eden frowned on one eyebrow.

In the meantime, the voice of a government employee was being heard from behind.

“Next person Is there anyone else”

I pointed to a government employee.

“And then the order would go by.”

“……I’ll be back.”

He walked slowly into the civil service room.

‘What’s wrong with that uncwel’

The thought didn’t last long.

Since then, until Eden returns, I’ve had to deal with their attention alone.

Those who had been impatient to ask this and that all along crept toward me, clapping their lips.


“You have to play the puppy game.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

I didn’t mean to talk to them.

I started a saying-whatever to avoid dealing with the people who are coming to me.


“Woof woof! It’s a dog’s voice.

Woof woof!”

It’s best to avoid dirty **.

They were the ones who would only spread strange rumors anyway.

After avoiding it for a long time, their interest in me disappeared.


I’m glad it wasn’t persistent.

‘It’s almost that time now’

Looking around, recalling the characters that will appear soon, the surroundings became noisy.


A woman’s scream was heard with the sound of something falling down.

“Oh my!”

It was obvious who showed up.

‘Oh, you’re making an appearance like an ignorant (moo-sik) person.’

He looked at the source of the disturbance.

There was a big drunk man arguing here and there.

“What are you looking at Lower your eyes!”

The owner of that ignorant act is one of the aristocrats who dominate the Eden Empire.

It was Baron Monzoger Dafe.

‘It’s worth your name.’ (is name in korean sounds like Monjoker)

He was wielding an empty bottle threateningly in the air, picking a fight with every eye contact.

“Don’t you want to put your eyes down” Huh


Hey, you can’t do this here.”

An old male employee at the government office bravely stepped up.

But it was like adding fuel to the burning house.

“What Did you just talk to me”

“Oh, my! Baron!”

Dafe grabbed him by the collar.

In the Eden Empire, no one can compare power to Baron Dafé.

While Dafe grabbed and shook an old man much older than him like a toy, onlookers hushed in case I were to add trigger him.

“If you make a fuss, I’ll have to call the guards…….”

“Guardian How dare you call a guard in front of me”

How can you call a guard in front of Baron Dafe, who is in charge of the royal security

As I watched, I clicked my tongue.

No matter how distracted you are.

That male employee was wrong not to think before he act, even if the Baron was wrong.

“These little things make a lot of fun of me.

I’m Baron Dafe! Don’t you know Monzoger’s Dapé

The angry Dafe ran wild.


Please, like a gentleman…….”

“You’re ignoring me, aren’t you”

Oh, dear, that’s Baron Dafe’s plague.

Sure enough, Dafe puffed out all kinds of swear words.

“H- Help me.”

The male employee begged for his life while squirming.

“Oh, my.

it going to be in big trouble.”

“Don’t you think someone should stop him”

There were a lot of people who were rattling around, but no one was willing to step up.

It was because Baron Dafe’s defeat, which was famous for biting and falling to the end of those who once had only their eyes.

“How dare you ignore this Monzoger Dafe when your life is worth of a fly.”

Do you want to die So threatening, Dafe’s eyes were half insane.

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The moment his veins shot up above his clenched fist,

Can I step up now’

I stepped forward and shouted.



All eyes were on me.

‘All right, I’m gonna save him in style.’

Soon I ran for Baron Dafé at the maximum speed a baby could afford.

Was I too motivated

I couldn’t even take a few steps

My chin!

I tripped myself and lost my balance.


The body that had tilted over was like a bullet.


One thought crossed in a short moment.

I don’t want to get hurt!’

Instinctively I clenched my hand.

Grab. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

Not knowing it was Baron Dafe’s trouser!


Baron Daffe’s pants came off easily.


“Oh, my God!”

Screaming broke out among the spectators.

“What, what!””

The embarrassed Baron Dafe left the male employee by the collar, picking up the pants that had been scurrying down.

I didn’t plan to do this.

K—As a Confucian girl, I was pleased to give a blow to a man who didn’t treat his elders very well.

“You… you… you bastard!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.

I didn’t know and tried to control my strength.”

I added with a bright face as I looked at him still huffing.

“There’s nothing to even see, hm.”


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