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Chapter 1614 - A Debt of Gratitude From the Violetglory Star

“It isnt guaranteed! You think manna imperius is some vegetable that grows on the roadside The whole star only has one now! Youre still an outsider, so Im just saying itll be a possibility,” Shengui awkwardly said.

“The difficulty level is too high! Do you think Im some kind of monster” Tianming complained.

“What are you if not a monster”

Tianming was stunned.

Still, he couldnt rush the matter.

His cultivation was still low, so staying honest was the best choice.

“Oh right, what do you think about the Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance And what does the sovereign think” Tianming asked.

“What do you mean”

“I meant about how they know our location and can exterminate us anytime”

“Did you get your head hit” Shengui and Gong Xiong looked at Tianming like he was an idiot.

“What” Tianming never expected he would be disdained.

“Did you not learn your history, little brother” Even Gong Xiong crossed his arms and cast a disdainful look at Tianming.

“What history”

In response, the two looked at each other with speechless looks.

“Ill do it.” Gong Xiong cleared his throat.

“We once came into contact with Skywolf Star, the most notorious plunderers in our area.

We were on the brink of defeat, but in our moment of greatest need, the divine wondersky race saved us! They helped us beat them back and constructed our wondersky realm, connecting us to the greater universe.

You say they have nefarious intentions for us.

But if they did, they couldve just taken our nova source back then.

This method is way too much effort.”

Tianming had been biased against the divine wondersky race because they replaced the sky plunderer race as the overlords of the astralscape.

However, Violetglorians didnt have that prejudice.

“But that fellow said that the star cluster has links to the divine wondersky race and formed an alliance with them to snatch other nova sources to sustain themselves,” Tianming said.

“Maybe theyre just hyping themselves up Were very ignorant in the end, and we dont know how big the Mysterium Cluster is.

Maybe they arent even that big and are just scaring us isolated nova source worlds.

As far as I know, the divine wondersky race are the rulers of the astralscape.

Theyre an apex race thats like a miracle.

What could we do if they wanted to conspire against us Resist” Shengui said.

“Alright.” Tianming didnt see much point in arguing it.

The divine wondersky race had come here before and the Violetglorians had a debt of gratitude.

If they really were bad guys, they would have stabbed them in the back already.

A conspiracy was just so unnecessary.

“Dont overthink it, Tianming.

Anyway, after Ye Chen couldnt beat you despite getting a fortuitous development, he will be dissatisfied.

Hell challenge you in the real world to wipe away his past shame.

Be ready—if its in the real world, blades have no eyes,” Shengui said.


I just wish I had another manna imperious!” Tianming sighed with emotion.

“Yeah, yeah, you just want some treasure.” Shengui wasnt sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Ehhhh, dont put it so bluntly,” Tianming chortled.

“Fine, Ill very subtly mention this to the sovereign and try my best to get it for you.”

“Why stop at manna imperius Bring out all the goodies you have, I wont reject them,” Tianming replied.

“Thatll depend on your performance.”

“Dont worry.

I was never concerned with Ye Chen.

The only ones that interest me are the geniuses from skypiercer or deific class worlds.” Tianmings eyes blazed with passion.

“Ohhhh, youve started bragging,” Shengui laughed.

“Youre scaring your big bro here,” Gong Xiong said.

“Fellows, you may take your time in getting lost.

I wont be sending you off!” Tianming couldnt be bothered with them.

He was eager to get back to Violetpeak.

Naturally, it was for hisromance in the wondersky realm.


After returning to Violetpeak, his lifebound beasts ran off to play.

The space there was enough for Lan Huang to run about as it pleased.

As for Lingfeng, Qingyu, and Xiaoxiao, they spent most of their time cultivating in the Imperius Ruins, only occasionally returning.

Hence, only Tianming and Feiling were usually around in his private residence.

“You go and play as well.” Tianming chased away the Yin Chens, leaving only him and Feiling.

“Alright, lets go to the wondersky realm to play, Linger.” Tianming smiled.

“Just to play” Feilings head was lowered as her face turned red.

Her arms were crossed in front of her chest and her voice was gradually turning softer.

“Of course!” Tianming said with a pure expression.

“Hmm.…” Feiling bit her lips.

However, she wasnt able to resist smiling as well, a sweetness filling her heart.

Ever since her Nirvana Rebirth, she hadnt wanted to wait either.

If she wasnt reborn so young, with their passion and longing, they would never have wanted to wait so long.

What girl wouldnt want some romantic circumstances around their first time

However, with all her imagination, there was never a scenario where they couldn\'t do the deed in real life.

But that couldnt stop the two youths; instead, they shifted their passion to the wondersky realm.

“Come.” They couldnt hold hands and had to stay a meter apart.

However, their hearts were one as they faced each other and entered the wondersky realm together.

In truth, ever since she had been reborn during the battle at the Myriaddragon Mountains, she had been holding back the pain from their long separation.

She had just never found a chance to vent her longing, as the Lord of Perpetia had kept interfering.

Both of them already deeply loved each other.

The roadblocks werent enough to stop their determination to dual cultivate.

Their caeli entered the wondersky realm, both arriving at Tianmings private space that no one could get into without his permission.

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