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Chapter 37: Kissing through a tissue paper, isnt that a wet kiss

A group of people organized their things and went to a restaurant to eat hotpot.

After they were full, the group played the 007 game.

Xu Sui didnt get it: “What”

Hu Qianxi stood up suddenly and tapped the glass with chopsticks: “Hey hey, let me, the queen of board games, introduce the rules to you guys.

Its actually very simple ah.

A points to B and says 0, B points to C and says 0, and then C can point to any person as 7 and make a gun gesture.

Now the important part, the two people next to the person being pointed at must make a surrender gesture.

The person that lose will be punished.

“It sounds really simple and even a little retard.

Come on, lets play, Im the little prince of board games.” Sheng Nanzhou said boldly.

Hu Qianxi: “Heh.”

The chopsticks tapped the wine glass three times, and the game officially started.

Hu Qianxi held a chopstick and waved it under everyones gaze.

Hastily, she immediately pointed to Da Liu and shouted: “0!”

Da Liu glanced east and west, pointed at a person randomly, and shouted: “0!”

Zhou Jingze reacted very quickly and even had the time to come into eye contact with Qin Jing.

Xu Sui saw Zhou Jingzes eyes and knew that he was up to something.

Sure enough, in the next second, he spoke very fast and made a shooting gesture at Qin Jiang, showing a smirk: “7.”

Qin Jing immediately fell to the ground, and Sheng Nanzhou, who was beside him, was still nibbling at the dried squid and didnt react in time to make a gesture of surrender.

“Too late.” Zhou Jingze announced his death sentence slowly.

Hu Qianxi looked at the shredded squid on the corner of Sheng Nanzhous mouth and sneered: “The little prince of the board games, I think youre the husky of board games.

Sheng Nanzhou was punished for running around the guesthouse three times and had to also bark.

The group laughed, falling forward and backward.

Sheng Nanzhou came back from the cold and shivered.

He pointed at Zhou Jingze, who laughed the most boldly and said cruelly:

“Revenge is a dish best served cold! You just wait for me.

Zhou Jingzes tone was careless and casual, trying to hold back a smile: “Dont make me wait too long.”

The tables eventually turned, and Sheng Nanzhou actually found an opportunity.

When it was Zhou Jingzes turn, he happened to be replying to a message on his phone and was a second late.

Xu Sui was a little worried about Zhou Jingzes impending punishment and pulled his sleeve to remind him.

“What punishment” Zhou Jingze put the phone on the table with a calm tone.

“Let me think about it,” Hu Qianxis eyes glanced back and forth between the two, and she had an idea, “Hey, Ill punish you and Xu Sui to kiss through tissue paper, its not too much right”

“Damn, kiss kiss!!”

“So exciting!”

“Kissing through a tissue paper, isnt that a wet kiss”

The group was screaming like chickens, ooh oooh oooh~, Xu Suis eyelids jumped, and amidst the roar of the group, her fair cheeks were like water droplets on smudged paper and like a peach blossom, extremely red.

Xu Sui looked at Zhou Jingze subconsciously, her heart was about to jump out of her throat, and she felt extremely thirsty.

Zhou Jingze leaned back on the sofa, his long legs lazily on the horizontal bars of the table.

One of his hands was playing with Xu Suis hair while the other picked up an empty soda can and threw it at the boy who said wet kiss.

Laughing carelessly:

“Wet your mother, another one.”

Since Boss Zhou spoke up, and the group depended on him for clothes and food, they had no choice but to get together to discuss a different plan for Zhou Jingze.

Zhou Jingze retracted his long legs, arched his back, and pinched Xu Suis delicate white and soft finger pads with his knuckles, an intimate move.

Xu Sui raised her head and smiled.

She lowered her eyelashes slightly, a wave of disappointment flashing past her eyes.

She should have been glad to escape their tricks, but she felt a sense of disappointment in her heart.

Are they really together Theyve been together for a few months, but the two of them are limited to holding hands.

Occasionally he hugs her shoulders, but there was no more intimacy beyond that.

After the group rested, they packed up and set off for the snowfield.

The most excited was Hu Qianxi.

She was wearing a red cloak, her walking pace was unsteady, and she even hummed a song.

Sheng Nanzhou followed her unhurriedly, with a subtle and gentle gaze that no one noticed, and asked, “Eldest miss, are you that happy”

“Of course.” Hu Qianxi replied.

In fact, Xu Sui also felt a faint excitement in her heart, but she was slow to warm up to people and was not very good at showing it.

She has grown up in the south since she was a child and has never seen any snow.

In particular, Li Ying never snowed.

The only exception was the one time in 2008 when the temperature in the south was the lowest.

When they went to school the next day, they found ice on the school railing, and everyone was so excited that some even licked the ice.

Zhou Jingze noticed Xu Suis mood change and raised his eyebrows: “That excited”


Zhou Jingze looked down at her.

Her white cheeks and the tip of her nose were frozen red, but her black glassy eyes were still shining.

He wanted to tease her and raised his hand and pinched her face.

He raised his eyebrows and asked,

“Can you ski”

“No,” Xu Suis face hurt a little from the pinch.

She reached out her hands to break free from Zhou Jingzes grasp, her dimples appearing when she smiled, “But dont I have you”

Maybe it was because Xu Sui was overjoyed, but after she finished speaking, she realized that her voice was unconsciously stretched out with a milky sound as if she was acting coquettishly.

Xu Sui raised her eyes in a daze.

Her heart skipped a beat when she met Zhou Jingzes dark and heavy eyes.

She slapped his hand away, hurriedly fled, and whispered, “Xixi, wait for me.”

Zhou Jingze put his hands in his pockets, staring at the figure of Xu Sui fleeing from him.

His eyes overflowed with idleness, and he let out a light chuckle.

Beishan Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in the city of Beijing.

As soon as one walks in, the view becomes wider.

The surroundings were mountain ranges, rivers, and even wider, two pine and coniferous forests next to the endless snow.

Under the instructions of the staff, they brought their equipment and changed their clothes.

Zhou Jingze was very familiar with skiing because he used to go to Norway every winter vacation for bungee jumping and snowboarding, but he only had a general knowledge of this kind of cross-country skiing.

The excitement and danger level were average.

Zhou Jingze quickly changed his clothes and then went to supervise Xu Sui, with a non-negotiable tone: “Make sure the layers are warm.”

“Okay.” This time Xu Sui no longer dared to wear so thin in front of him.

After changing their clothes, the coach led the group to the ski resort.

Hu Qianxi and Xu Sui both had someone and the others were taught by the coach.

Hu Qianxi was standing on the east side, holding a ski pole.

Her whole body was as stiff as a frog in danger: “Let me tell you, my life is very, very valuable, and itll be in your hands soon, you must protect me.”

Sheng Nanzhou rolled his eyes, and the eldest young masters temper flared up: “ Are you going to ski or not Youve been here talking for fifteen minutes.”

Compared to the hostile state of this pair of enemies, Zhou Jingze and Xu Sui looked much more harmonious.

In the beginning, Zhou Jingze supported Xu Suis arm and moved slowly on the gentle slope.

He taught Xu Sui a few essentials, took her around a few laps, and because the little girl learned things quickly, Xu Sui was able to ski freely by herself in no time.

But Xu Sui has always been timid and has never done this kind of extreme sport.

Even though she learned it, she still firmly held onto Zhou Jingzes arms.

Zhou Jingzes tone was helpless, and he let out a slight laugh: “Im here.”

“You ski forward, dont be afraid.

Im watching you from behind.”

With Zhou Jingzes reassurance, she calmed down.

The more she skied, the more steady she became.

Holding the ski pole, she leaned down and slowly descended all the way.

The cold wind was blowing, and she unconsciously raised the corners of her lips, feeling that even the air smelled like snowflakes.

Zhou Jingze quietly let go of her hand when he saw that she was skiing freely.

Xu Sui had never felt so relaxed before.

Her heart was about to jump out, and her throat was becoming a little uncomfortable from the wind, but she was still too excited.

The eagerness for adventure finally broke free at this moment.

She unconsciously accelerated her speed and swooped down, but who knew that there was a turn at the foot of the hillside not far away.

Xu Sui lost control of her strength, and her whole body fell uncontrollably and rapidly.

“Zhou Jingze, I…I, I, I—” Xu Suis rationales returned, her voice hoarse with fright.

Zhou Jingze was skiing on the opposite side, and when he heard the sound, he threw the ski pole hand aside.

He rushed to the nearest but steep trail and quickly slid in Xu Suis direction.

Zhou Jingze skied very fast, disregarding his surroundings, and dashed down, rushing in front of her and reaching out to hold her.

“Ahhhh, you… you get out of the way!”

With danger ahead, Xu Sui stopped being reserved and screamed the entire way, her voice piercing the sky.

With a “bang”, Xu Sui and Zhou Jingze collided head-on.

Amidst the wind and snow, she vaguely heard a muffled groan, and the two fell onto the ground together, their helmets threw to the side.

Xu Sui felt her head collide with Zhou Jingzes chest, twinging with pain.

But, contrary to expectation, the imagined pain didnt happen.

Instead, her cheeks were pressed against a soft body, the hot temperature reminding her.

Zhou Jingze blocked the fall for her.

Xu Sui hurriedly opened her eyes, shook Zhou Jingzes shoulders, and asked, “Are you alright”

No response.

Xu Sui shook him three times, her voice getting more and more anxious each time, but Zhou Jingzes eyes were still closed.

His eyelashes were covered with snowflakes, and his lips were dark red, like a beautiful statue lying on the snow as if worshiped in a cult.

Xu Sui struggled to get up from Zhou Jingzes body and sniffed: “Ill go and call the others to come over.”

She was about to turn her head and leave when suddenly a bony hand that was extremely cold, reached out and grabbed her wrist, suddenly pulling Xu Sui down.

She let out a loud exclamation and fell again, her lips against his hard collarbone.

At the same time, warm breath sprayed on her neck, and a hoarse voice that seemed to contain intolerable pressure:

“Wont hold it in anymore.”

Zhou Jingze held her head and pressed it down, giving her a cold kiss.

The moment their lips touched, the wind and snow were quiet, and occasionally there was the sound of a pile of snow falling from the pine branches, some melting.

Xu Sui couldnt help but open her eyes wide, hearing her own heartbeat.

The wind whistled, and Zhou Jingze rubbed her chin with his thumb; his movements were very light.

He seemed to enjoy the kiss.

They had a soft, icy but sweet kiss in the heavy snow.

Zhou Jingze let out a low laugh, put one hand on the back of his head, and licked her lips gently.

He swallowed, his Adams apple rolling slowly, in a breathy voice with a smile:

“Baby, youre closing so tightly, how can I stick out my tongue”


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