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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 30: CEO

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Chapter 30: CEO

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Following the airport runway(flat-chested) figure of Wu Yue onto the elevator to the top floor, of which only consisted of the CEOs office and leisure room. The fashionable top grade transparent-esque materials and a variety of bonsai trees, brought about a bright and spacious feel. With subtle and detailed management in all places, it completely manifested respect towards the identity of the CEO of this big establishment.

“Secretary Wu, what is the CEO calling me for” Yang Chen curiously asked while following her.

Not answering his question, Wu Yue continued to silently walk down the path with her heels rhythmically clinking against the ground.

Yang Chen couldnt help but think that this woman was cold and did not bother to ask further. However, Yang Chen had some regrets, he should have researched information about Yu Lei Internationals CEO and not just read information about the recruitment process. If he had prior knowledge, he wouldnt be in such a situation. To suddenly meet the leader of this company, he did not know what to do.

“Weve arrived.” Walking towards the gorgeously carved milk-white door, Wu Yues coldly stared at Yang Chen and said, “The CEO is inside, you can enter yourself. You better watch your tone and be respectful!”

Towards Wu Yues mysteriously strict tone, Yang Chen wasnt angry, but instead felt pity towards this woman. If her character was not cold, why would she look at men as if looking at something extremely displeasing Im already this manly, didnt you notice how much the other female employees like me

Ignoring the pitiful secretary, Yang Chen opened the door as if it was his second nature, entering the office of Yu Lei Buildings highest authority.

The moment he entered, Yang Chen noticed a familiar smell, the air is filled with a faint smell of jasmine, warm yet refreshing. This reminded Yang Chen of his wife Lin Ruoxi. Didnt that frost-faced girl also have this smell

The entire CEO office was unusually big, way over a 100 square meters, and formed a semi-circle, The circular side was all clean floor-to-ceiling windows from end to end, which allowed the hustle and bustle of the city to be seen from any spot. The thin white translucent curtains blew along with the wind from the AC.

On the floor was a soft Mediterranean wool carpet with diverse and archaic designs. Several bonsai trees were placed on the table and corners of the room, while the entire offices lights helped to complement it.

The crystal chandelier on the ceiling was also a rare collectors item, its exquisite workmanship refracted all the light rays into the office with a dazzling luster, and brought threads of magnificence and mysticism into the whole room.

Several silver-coated metal bookshelves filled with design books covered the room. Next to the shelves, a huge mahogany desk could be seen. Except, at this moment, behind that desk, the seat of the “CEO” was empty.

Puzzled, Yang Chen wondered why the CEO would call him over when he or she wasnt even here. As soon as he thought that, at the right side of the office, a door leading to a rest room opened. A person elegantly walked out from that door.

At that moment, the atmosphere of the room turned incomparably strange as if the oxygen in the room had been removed. The two people stood in front of each other, seemingly forgetting to breathe.

As their gazes met, they each had mixed and complex emotions in their eyes. The two people found it difficult to speak clearly, because this was too ridiculous to believe!!!

“This…You…Me…Erm…I…” Yang Chen always felt that he was mentally strong, but he now realized, that it was only limited to some special circumstances. For an unexpected meeting such as this, Yang Chen was speechless as if he lost his tongue. His mind was now one big mess and he didnt know what to say.

The crystal high-heeled shoe wearing woman in front of him had a pair black leggings which wrapped around her slender legs emitting a certain type of low-key charm. She wore a beige colored close-fitting business womens suit, which made her figure seem to follow the proportions of the golden ratio brilliantly. Under her slim waist was a beautiful and well-rounded butt that would cause excitement in the blood of all men.

Her head of long black hair was neatly tied up, allowing her graceful swan-like snow-white neck even more dazzling. If it were just these it would still be bearable, what makes her truly irresistible is that heaven-sent face, which was beautiful to the point it makes one powerless against it.

“You what” Lin Ruoxi looked at the rogue man who had an expression like hes at a loss for words after eating a cockroach, that previous inkling of complex and nervous emotions vanished like smoke in thin air. Turning into a playful and teasing mood she said, “Werent you always good at talking, good at pretending Whats wrong, cant even speak half a sentence clearly now”

Yang Chen, his mouth open for a while, in a daze, he couldnt finish a complete sentence. At last, he dashed to the water cooler in the corner of the room. Taking a paper cup and filling it with water, he drained the cup in one gulp while calming his heart. After wiping his mouth, he turned around, and once again faced the sudden appearance of Lin Ruoxi.

At that moment, Ruoxi had already adopted the imposing attitude of a captain of the ship that was Yu Lei International. Calmly sitting on a leather chair, her expression mild, yet cold, she was looking at Yang Chen. Sitting, she looked like a sculpture of a goddess, serene and bright.

“Wow, lifes like a play, and a play is truly like life.” Yang Chen silently looked at the woman standing in front of him for quite some time. He couldnt help but laugh, “Good good little Ruoxi, my wife, why didnt you tell me earlier that you were Yu Leis CEO It wouldve saved me a whole lot of trouble from finding work. Just give me a minor security job that is both clean and in an office.”

“Mr Yang Chen, pay attention to how you address me, in the office, I am your superior.” a cold gaze flashed across Lin Ruoxis beautiful eyes, this man in front of her was still upright a moment ago, why did he suddenly revert back to his playboy tone again

Yang Chen made aheihei laugh and said, “In the office youre my superior, so does that mean out of the office I can call you whatever I want”

“Not allowed!” Lin Ruoxi hurriedly vetoed, it was surprising how this person could think of such a disgusting and goosebumps-inducing form of address. Lin Ruoxi creased her eyebrows and said, “You can call me by my name, but youre not allowed to add on the other disgusting words.”

Yang Chen ignored her, as right now his emotions had been calmed. The shock from earlier had already been reduced to a negligible level. So he impolitely pulled over a chair to sit in front of Lin Ruoxi, crossed his legs, sighed and said, “Okay, let us not talk about that, what has CEO Lin called me over for”

Only now did Lin Ruoxi remember the purpose of calling Yang Chen up. After rolling her eyes at Yang Chen, she turned the computer monitor 180 degrees, pointed at Yang Chens resume on the screen and said, “Your resume says you have a Masters degree in Harvard Universitys Market Management, you were a recipient of a full scholarship, and also proficient in both English and French.”

Yang Chen looked at his own resume, he could already predict what Ruoxi was going to ask, but could only nod his head, “That is correct, so what”

“A masters degree from Harvard, proficient in English and French” Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen as if it was their first meeting as she sized him up, “Dont you sell mutton skewers in the West District How could you have such a prestigious educational background”

As he already prepared an excuse, as if reciting from a book, Yang Chen said, “When I was a kid, I was kidnapped and sold to the United States. Then, I was fostered by some people with good intentions. There, I went to college, and also learned French. However, I didnt have any major goals in life, and after my foster parents passed away, I flew back here to sell mutton skewers and idly spend my days. You can ask the peddlers at the West District, they all know that I just came back just half a year ago.”

Since Ruoxi was able to lead a big company like Yu Lei International, naturally, she would not be an idiot. How could she trust Yang Chens words that easily Her intelligent face revealed a somewhat displeased expression as she made a coldhmph and said, “Then what about the matter regarding the foreign languages test You chose German and Italian and got full marks on both, how did that happen”


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