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Chapter 252 Supreme Martial Arts Festival ④

Part 1

It was the perfect plan.

Without expressing it, the Imouto Kitsune was pleased with her own trick.

I think I am able to come up with such a plan the moment I see the tournament match-up, I am frightened by my own talent.

I don’t really know why but it seemed that Kikkikan-san, who seemed to be a well-known Hunter in the human world, will be fighting someone who has a name just like his own.

It is a strategy that can only work if both of them are here.

Due to the Imouto Kitsune’s deception, Kikkikan-san became the fake.

He may deny it later, but this clear declaration has been seen by many people.

He will surely have a hard time regaining his honor.

My only regret is that I will not be able to see with my own eyes his face, which has no sense of danger, but that’s something that can’t be helped.

The only thing left to do is to lose before the technique I put on him which leaves Kikkikan-san astray, wears off.

And before Kikkikan-san knows it, he will have lost without even standing on this grand stage once!


The Imouto Kitsune’s art of transformation is perfect.

Although there are differences in the degree of proficiency, the Phantoms from the 【Lost Inn】 generally have the power to transform into human beings.

Kryhi Andrichhi took a step back and muttered with a stunned expression.


“What are you…… Saying…… Kuh.” (Kryhi)

“Are you surprised You didn’t think there was a fake Did you think it was a coincidence that you and I met” (Imouto Kitsune)

I read a little bit of the mind of the person in front of me and make a nice follow-up.

The foxes’ techniques are techniques that are made to deceive people.

It is easy to play a trick even on a complete stranger.

But this Kryhi Andrichhi guy――Is very mysterious.

There is no cloud in this man’s eyes and no malice in his heart.

His honed soul reflects the power that is appropriate for his body, and the staff in his hand is a Relic.


The only resemblance to Kikkikan-san is genuinely just their name.

If I really have to find something else, I would say that they have the same hair color, but apart from those two points, everything else is different.

And apparently, this man――Do not know about 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》.

Even though that name seems to be quite famous, the world truly works in mysterious ways.

However, this is convenient for me.

If he was really a fake, he would have been agitated by the Imouto Kitsune’s declaration, but he is not aware of it.


I can’t help but think that heaven is telling me to trick them.

I will trick Kryhi, I will trick the audience――And I will trick Kikkikan-san.


The Imouto Kitsune opened her arms and showed her composure.

She felt countless gazes on her.

Curious look.

Bewildered look.

Contempt look.

The noise due to the confusion is pleasant.

Confusion is the true nature of the Phantoms of the 【Lost Inn】.


And then, Kryhi Andrichhi took a step forward and said with a quiet but trembling voice.


“Don’t say that, Cry.

In this world――There’s no such thing as being the real one or the fake one.” (Kryhi)


By the time he said that his body stopped trembling.

His eyes, which were the same color as Kikkikan-san, were quietly shining.

His tone was quiet, but his voice strangely echoed in the arena.


“No matter what method you use, one cannot become another person.

You cannot become me, and I cannot become you.

But you don’t have to become me in the first place! Because even if you don’t become like me, you are already a splendid Cry Andrich!” (Kryhi)

“……” (Imouto Kitsune)

The Imouto Kitsune blinked her eyes and stared at the man who didn’t notice even a millimeter of her plan at all.

The audience was utterly captivated by his strangely pleasant voice.

I see, apparently, like Kikkikan-san who has no sense of danger, this person with a similar name has no sense of danger at all.


“It doesn’t matter if you admire me.

I also don’t mind that we have an Alias that is very similar.

But don’t say such a sad thing like abandoning yourself and becoming me…… At the moment you got the right to stand at this Supreme Martial Arts Festival, you are already outstanding because if you are fake, you wouldn’t be here.

Including the fact that you admire me, you are Cry Andrich! I want you to recognize yourself without belittling that fact! And then, at that time, I will compete with you with a smile on my face! I will see you again, at this Supreme Martial Arts Festival!” (Kryhi)


His straight voice disappeared into the sky.

A beat later, the audience exploded in cheers.

Apparently, this was perceived as a performance.

Kikkikan-san has completely become the underdog.

Although it was as planned, as it turns out, human society is also quite instructive.

What should I do…… While being a little lost, I raised my hand.

The audience goes quiet at the fake’s movement.

Normally, it was planned that I would be ridiculed here, but it seemed that his compassion had been stronger than him wanting to ridicule me.


“………… That is bull**, real one.

Right here, right now, you will fall.

This is the Supreme Martial Arts Festival, you must show your prowess before spouting nonsense.

Or what, are you not confident enough to win” (Imouto Kitsune)


At the Imouto Kitsune’s voice, Kryhi’s expression turned a little sad but immediately exclaimed.

The wind blew.

His large black robe fluttered, and the staff he held in his right hand came into view.

It is a metallic staff with a blue crystal laid at the top of the staff.

And it wasn’t something that came from this world.


“I will――Not be defeated by the fake you! Until you find your true self, I will stand as your goal and ideal! All of this, Cry Andrich is――For your own sake!” (Kryhi)


The Imouto Kitsune chillingly brushed off what he said.

Kryhi Andrichhi is talented.

He also has experience.

Moreover, he has heart.

However, the staff held by the man in front of me has greater strength.

Purple electricity scatters in the center of the crystal.

It is a Staff Relic.

It is a staff specific to a particular attribute and increases its power.


Without letting it show on my face, I was satisfied with the result that went beyond my expectations.

I see, I thought he was 10,000 times stronger than Kikkikan-san, but it seems that it was more than just 10,000 times stronger.

The magical power that dwells in his body was weaved together and amplified explosively.



This man――Is a lightning Magi.

Moreover, he did not learn any other attributes, he is a One Attribute Magi.



The sky, the atmosphere was shivering.

《Infinite Sky Flower (Senten Banka)》.

Kryhi Andrichhi shouted.



“I will defeat you――I owe you, so I won’t hold back! Accept my full power! Traveling through thousands of skies, and blooming like thousands of flowers, 《Infinite Sky Flower (Senten Banka)》――The power of the Lightning Emperor, of Kryhi Andrichhi !!” (Kryhi)



Almost on reflex, I look up.

And then――A ray of light fell from the sky.




§ § §


TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Kryhi’s dialogue is so shonen protagonist like XD

And Imouto Kitsune is cute when she is lost because of Kryhi overly positive speech!

Tchao à plus!


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