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“Sit down and eat.”

The little child didn’t eat properly because she didn’t have an appetite, and he only moved his fork.

Was she so depressed and upset Worried about her father who went on an expedition I’m sure he’ll come back without any problems this time too.

It seemed as if she hadn’t eaten because she was worrying about it.

“Why are you eating so little”

“I’m not very hungry.”

Her voice was so weak.

I got worried.

“That’s why you’re so small.

Eat a lot.”

You have to eat well to stay healthy.

When I glanced at the servant, they quickly filled the little child’s plate.

Then the little child ate until her cheeks were full.

She looked more like a squirrel.

The little child was constantly eating well.

The servant kept filling the plate, but she ate without stopping.

The little child put down her fork and said she was full after eating a surprising amount.


The child ate more than she looked.

The little child’s belly came out convex, showing how much she likes to eat.

It’s amazing that she eats well, so I stroked the little child’s head and complimented her.

She shouldn’t not eat because she was worried about her father who has gone away.

She has to eat well to grow taller.

She’s already so small.

I made a promise as I left the restaurant.

I’m going to have to give the little child a lot of food in the future.

However, as I showed kindness and had a strange thought, the next day, the little child was not seen again.

Since the mansion is large, even if I can’t see her outside, even if I go to the dining room at mealtime and wait, the little child was nowhere to be seen.

It is a communal dining room used by people who stay and work in the mansion.

Naturally, I knew that the servants were uncomfortable with me, groaning and annoyed at me, but I ignored them and stayed.

On the first day, I thought that we could not meet because the time was not right.

So the next day I went a little early.

Still, the little child was nowhere to be seen.

I waited because I thought she would come.

However, the child who likes to eat was not seen until meal time passed.

There is a feeling.

After two days in a row, I felt a hunch.

I’ve seen a lot of people doing this.

A person who at first smiles softly and pretends to be kind, then turns around and decides to get away from me.

Otherwise, it didn’t make sense to stay out of sight for several days at mealtime.

I was trying to treat the little child well…

“Tch, that little child being arrogant.

See if I’ll take care of you again!”

I got into a fit in the room because of the little child’s bad attitude.

Still, the anger didn’t go away.

I was so angry that I couldn’t sleep again.

You dared to deceive me with those small, innocent eyes My teeth tremble with a sense of betrayal.

I want to ignore it altogether, but I can’t do that again.

If I didn’t scold the little child, I thought I wouldn’t feel better.

While shaking, I decided.

“Wake, wake me up early tomorrow.”

I have to go and say a word.

“When do you mean by early”

“Before the first rooster crows!”

I made up my mind.

I really hate waking up early in the morning.

However, I even ordered the servant to wake me up early and went to sleep.

“Master, it’s dawn.”

And I woke up early in the morning when I couldn’t open my eyes, and stayed in front of the little child’s door.

When I was thinking whether I should go back to my room and sleep because I was dozing off while waiting.

It was very early for the little child to wake up, but the door was open.

And as soon as I saw the bright face that appeared, my sleep flushed away.

When she saw me and looked at me with her round eyes, I felt a twist inside.

Bad child!

“Hey, say your greetings.”


The moment I saw her bowed head, my anger grew stronger.

It’s an innocent voice that doesn’t know anything.

For some reason, looking at her face, it was hard to tell, so I palmed my chin.

Even though I didn’t want to ask the question directly, I asked a question that would make me angry if I didn’t get an answer.

“Are you avoiding me”

When I asked if she was avoiding me, she answered with confused words.

“If you ask me because I seem to be avoiding you even though I didn’t avoid you, I have no choice but to answer that I did not avoid you.”

She said it clearly, but it was not easy to understand.

I feel like an idiot.

So, does she mean she didn’t avoid me anyway


Why would I avoid you”

I was doubtful, but the questioning face was innocent.

I can see the pretentious expressions of adults, but why can’t I see the thoughts of this little child

“Then why don’t I see you anywhere, not just in the dining room”

“Were you looking for me”

“No, I don’t!”

I jumped at the little child’s question.

I just didn’t see her, and I never tried to find her.

What’s wrong with me, to try to find this little child! I just went to the dining room! Then when I saw her, I was just trying to pay a little more attention!

“Really not! There’s no way I’ll look for you!”

I said no fervently lest the kid make a strange misunderstanding.

I don’t know whether she believed it or not because she nodded her head with a blank face.

Then I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was busy studying.

My God, to be busy studying, does that make sense That child who doesn’t seem to be able to read properly

Studying is boring, but it was hard to believe the little child who said that she was busy studying.

Still, it didn’t seem like the little child was lying.


I believe that you studied.

But you, I will watch you.”

If we talked more, the child would starve, so I ended this conversation with a simple warning.

And this time, I took her to the place where I originally planned to feed her delicious food instead of the bad dining room food.

The little child pouted her mouth again and made an expression that she didn’t want to eat.

Still, I prepared something good, and she ate a lot more than last time.

Even if you make a tea she doesn’t want to have, she can take it well as soon as she starts eating it.


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